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Lord i talk to you everyday and lately more than hurting because i miss the man i love....lord i have done something thats very hard to do....i have let him go....not because i dont care but because i had no choice to....i dont want him to be with me because he feels he has to but i want him around because he wants to and loves me the way i love him.... lord we got into a huge fight the last we talked and lord i know i have grown as a person...even though he was being harsh and selfish and saying things that were not true...i handled it very well and even though he claimed he didnt feel the same for me i still stayd true to myself and my feelings... lord i dont know if hes lost right now,scared, or frustrated but i needed to let go afteer everything that he said.... lord i know we both have been hurt in our past and we both have fallen for each other kinda fast and i think our past has taken affect in not trusting and guarding ourselves from each other...lord i pray that if he loves me the way i love him that he may stop feeling like im here to hurt him and he may stop being stubborn and holding a grudge...hes hurt with me because i couldnt trust him 100 percent but lord i have asked him for patience and to be here for me....and i want you to be apart of this relationship lord always...i can see myself marrying this man and it kinda scares me....but now i have let him go so he can also see what he truly wants and desires and if he feels the same towards me as he had said...lord i miss him and i love him if somehow you can tell him that for me and somehow he can please feel it....amen

by mandy

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