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God this year is being horrible... My husband's company closed october 2010 and since now he cant find any job. His cv is very good he always worked for good companies so I dont know why nobody calls him for a single interview. He always send his cv to good companies, everyday. Companies that asks exactly what he did...and nothing. We have 2 little kids to feed, pay rent...his parents are helping for now but until end of this year as they money are ending too. Also, 26th may, we lost our baby Michael for potty syndrome. His kidneys wasnt developed so the chance for his survive was zero. I was 18 weeks pregnant when doctor said we had to "choose" to end the pregnancy or waiting until baby dye in my womb. Michael was a stillborn baby and we miss him every second... to complete, my 93 years old grandma that raised me just found out she has brain cancer and doctors cant do nothing to help her because her age and her weight(70 pounds). She lives in Brazil and for now i cant afford to fly there and be with her.... only horrible things God! Why? Im the one that pray for you every night since i was little kid. I have a lot faith of you. Where i did wrong? Why i cant see hope anymore? Pls my God, Jesus, Mary and all Saints, pls help me, help my family, help us to get straight in our life. My husband is very depressive but no more than I. Im sure im being strong for my kids but i cant take all these bad energy anymore, only bad things happening all the time. We are a family that always help friends aa much as we can, now we need You, my Father. I dont know whoelse can help us. Pls, listen to my prayers. Amen.

by waiting for a miracle

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The lord is our guidance many in the world are going through many situations if you realy believe in him dont question his willths and learn how to trust him we are all in this world for a purpose and thats to follow him. When we truly believe in him we dont question or complain why just trust in him and youll see every situation has a reason to be and an outcome. God sometimes puts us through situations bcux he knws how much we can take he has a plan for you just dnt give up on him like he will never give up on you.. give him ur full trust n let him guide u through all this situations cux he makes everything for a purpose.. may he bless you and ur family..

Anonymous | on Dec 13, 2011

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