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Dear GOD of my whole life. thank You for the gift of my life today and that of my children. I thank You Lord for the strength and hope that You a re providing me. Praises to You my Lord and many never ending thanks. Lord today has began in a tough way. I am hurting so deeply i dont knoe what to. I have tried everything that is within my control and i am failing. The only thing now for me is i am stretching forth my hands, I am raising up my eyes and saying God thank you thay You are within my reach. Help me to deal with patience the situation that i am in with Saleem. You see My Father I love saleem and want to spend the rest of my life with him as my Hunsband, best friend, confidiant, my pillar and the father to my children. My Lord last tuesday his wife came back into his life and he asked me to temporarily leave. Up to now God I am in the dark. i do not know where i stand. I have become so weak and desperate and i ask myself what have i done to derserve this. i have looked after him and his daughter with such love and this is what I am now face with. Lord You said in jeremiah 29:11 You will prosper me, give me a future and Hope and not harm me. This is definately not the one. Lord i beg you, come into my heart and whisper to meand tell me it will soon pass and You will expand my territory and You will bring back saleem as my true husband and we will live together forever. I pray that you speak to him and make him listen and act in a positive way, where he will ask for forgiveness and come backinto my life and mary me as his only wife. Lord change the event prevailing in my life today and give me back my saleem and our precious Life. You see my dear Father i cannot do it on my own. My tome and my life and my life with Saleem is in your hands, please hear us oh Lord. Daddy my angel Augustine Pontsho, kneel down behing My Lord Jesus Christ and Mary our Mother and Praye like you have never done, with them for me and Saleem. Ask God to answer me now. Ask Him to bring back Saleem to me with no issues, but to come and marry me as hisonLY lOVE AND WIFE, i AM BEGGING yoU MY angels. Angels of LOVE, PEACE, PROSPERITY AND MARRAIGE i lift up my eyes, soul and request and ask for you mightiful intervention. Angel Athony, my angel for miracle i need a miracle now. i need You to bring back Saleem to me. I need you to direct him to me and he marries me and we live together in house for all our live. Father I leave this request in Your mighty powerful hands, i let go of this issue and Say To YOU MY FATHER< THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE, THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK SALEEM, THANK YOU FOR HEARING MEAND I PROMISE TO LOVE HIM FOR THE REST OF OUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE, IN JESUS NAME I PRAY. AMEN

by Lush

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