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Lord, I thank you for the protection you've given my family, thank you for the peace that you've placed in my heart thank you Lord for the chance to finally get it right this time, Lord I pray that you forgive me off my sins, show me my weakness Lord, and help me to deal with them. Lord please direct my path and help me to stay on it. Let me not lean to my own safety nets in the rough times but let me run to you in everything, Jesus speak to my heart Lord, guide me each step of the way as I prepare to move, open the doors that will lead me to a prosperous future for my children and I, close the doors Lord that are not for us, Show me whether or not my desires for that relationship are right Lord, I don't want anything that you say is not for me, I want to walk in your presence and fullness of joy and be lacking nothing. I pray that you continue to bind the spirit that is causing John to harrass me, help me not to try to fight fire with fire but to allow you to deal with him. Lord, I pray for peace with my children show me the way to properly discipline and be consistant with them with being too strict or to light, show me how to parent my boys and daughter the way you see fit, Lord I pray that give my mind and body rest, and allow my nerves to calm down and to put all my burdens on you. I know you are the way maker, you are my strength in my fight, you are my healer,my deliverance, my father, my friend, and so much more. Please Lord I thank you, I praise you I love you, I give you my life, my hands and feet, I dedicate my children to you and ask that you become the head of my house hold, lead me in the direction you'd like me to go,plant my feet firmly on your path speak to my spirit every step of the way because I can not do this on my own,cleanse my mind, cleanse my heart, wash away all my emotional baggage of past sins, of fear, of guilt, of emotional dependancy, wash away my ****, please take the people that are in my life that are not for me away, please give me clarity about the. current relationship I am pursuing, I would like for you to bless that union, but Lord I want your will over mine, show the areas I need to improve in, one area Lord I ask you to deal with is my mouth help me Lord to keep my own counsel, Lord I pray that I no longer will talk everyone about my circumstance,burdens, plans, not everyone is Godly counsel. Help me to consult with you all the choices I want to make, Jesus lift my spirit, heal my hurt, heal my body, take away the pain of my past, secure my insecurities and create in me a better person, These things I pray in Jesus holy name,pleading in the blood, believing it is already done because of the promises in your word Amen Amen &Amen

by livingtohearhim

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I'm in agreement with you, 'where 2 or more come in My name, in their mist, I will be' says the Lord. Stay bless'd. That was/is a beautiful prayer

Anonymous | on Dec 12, 2011

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