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Lord please hear my prayers I can't handle this anymore! In losing faith..I'm very depressed and not doing well. Please help. Amen

by Anonymous

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You can go through that..just continue to submit yourself to our Lord God..then, after that give your best and true smile to everybody.. :) cheer up..

Anonymous | on Dec 12, 2011

I also was very depressed ans losing my faith, My husband has been a huge contribution to my depression and loss of faith and I ended up getting so depressed I went to the local psych ward for a week... I don't care for meds but sometimes that is what is needed? But I learned some coping skills there and got into therapy which should start soon but I went to this program put on by churches called "Celebrate Recovery" and it is a faith based recovery for hurts, hand ups, and habits... At first I thought it was just for addictions so I wasn't sure about going but I will tell you it is for a lil bit of everything and I am so thankful I went!!! It may not seem so great the first couple times you go or you nay love it from the get go but I highly suggest checking it out!!! They have them all over the US so tgey should have one in your area...? Hope this helps Sweets? I know it's hard but whatever the problem is that is causing so much hurt in your heart is not God's fault, and regardless of how mad we get at him for allowing these things to happen, there is a purpose... :-( And the lord will ALWAYS love you and will NEVER give up on you!!!

LostRightNow | on Dec 12, 2011

Lord please remove this extreme depression and help this person in coping with the things they are dealing with.

KH | on Dec 12, 2011

Thank you LORD that you know our inner most being...thank you for helping this person..station angels around them..wrap your loving arms around them so they may feel your love

Anonymous | on Dec 12, 2011

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