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Thank you Lord for the love you have given us that Jesus our Savior, thank you for all the brothers and sister in this app pray for my family. Lord, you know what I want before I even ask, you know everything about my family Lord and still I ask you Lord for help with our walk with you, with restoring our family, our marriage, restoring our love, our trust and our faithful to be one again. I pray Lord that my family and I are never separated and I am able to be here each day for my family. Lord, may your angels around me and my family each day and bring peace to our family. Give us clean hands and a pure heart, and loving mind. For You are our light and our salvation. Lord, lead us and guard us in the paths of righteousness. I thank you because I know that if no one else hears me but You do, no one I can talk to but You. You do speak and You do hear. You are and will always be able to do everything. Thank you for being with us everytime. Lord i am sure you know my heart and my love for my family than any one else that I love my husband and my babies, i do everything to keep them even taking my life with no question ask. They are my love and my life that i want nothing else but my family. The family that You created. Lord, please show them and let them know my love for them dearly never change, that I love and care deeply for them. I will never want to replace them or live without them, I pray Lord you help us always will be a better husband and wife and a loving parents. Lord, you know my heart and you put the love in my heart for this family. Please Lord, i pray Lord you will delivery me from stranger man and delivery him from stranger woman. Lord help our lives to be back to normal and help our love, our trust, and our faith grow in You stronger each new day we live, that no one involve to break us apart.

For the woman who had an affair with my husband, I pray let her see the light and let go my husband. May you bring her own man to love and move on with her life be happy again without my husband and my family. Help her Lord to realize it is wrong that her relationship with my husband is not a friendship, but breaking up my family. I pray for her Lord to think about her boy and soften her heart to take her husband back, help her little boy doesn't live in broken family anymore. He has done nothing wrong and deserve to have his both parents as the other kids. And my babies and i done nothing wrong to her and we are not deserve this pain. I pray for her husband come to know You as You are the only One, and You only. Lord, may Your word speak to him, soften his heart, open his eyes to see the truth, you are the Lord of all. Lord, your power is greater than devil and You are be able to do anything.

I pray for my husband that You help him to keep his promise that the relationship with this woman ended as he said: "As God is my witness, zero contact". Lord, please take away his weakness and flaws and help him to be strong for us.

For myself I pray Lord continue help me to get through the pain, sadness and broken heart i hold inside. Give me the strength and joy to live each day for my family. I love them very much and dearly. Help us Lord to rebuild our marriage, our lives, our love, our trust and our faithful to be ONE again. Lord, please put your hands on our hearts and get through to us and show us how much we means to each other. Help us come around, remind us the beautiful memories when we met Lord. Thank you for the many gifts you have given us especially thank you for your great love for my family that you created. Help us Lord not fall into any temptation and wrong doing that devil try to put upon our family. Help us Lord always to put our trust and faith in You. Lord, please walk with us always and we all are need Your help. Your love and guidance being with us in every step of our relationship in HIS precious name I pray. Amen.

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