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Someone please help me on what to do. Please I need advice. I want my pills again but instead I'm praying and writing here. How does one text message that I send take away everything we had? All I asked when I was tipsy, was "what are we? Its been 3 months and we've been dating and I just don't want to be confused anymore." This is why I'm done drinking too. And he tells me, " You know what just mess with other guys, you be buggin." Are you kidding me? I know I promised never to ask that question again but I was under the influence and thats the only time I messed up in like a month. And now he just gives up on me? He never asked about me, we just always talked about him and his football and when he gets injured I'M there. I was like a wife to him. I made sure to always put a smile on his face because he never seemed to be that happy because he was stressed with his football and he's trying to make it into the NFL within the next 2 years. But he admitted he's talking to one other girl but he doesn't really do stuff with her anymore. He calls me babe, baby, he had the biggest smile on his face w me whenever he saw me or was with me. Everyone said that also. I brought out the kid in him when we're alone and he did the same with me. He made me happy and for the 1st time he was the only guy I was talking to. But the times he got mad at me was when I asked what we are. I didnt mean to make it seem like I wanted to rush us, I just hate not knowing. I then promised him I wouldn't ask anymore and I did once more last week and now its over with us? I promised him around thanksgiving not to give up on me and I promised it'd be worth it and he said "ok no problem" but now he gives up on me?? When I was there? I trusted him when he makes me promises and he wnt even trust me? He said "ur just too much". I end it, I fix it...i admitted I love him accidentally and he ignored me. I asked to start over as friends...he says "ok". I said good luck on finals today...he ignores me. What should I do? I can't chase him anymore..i can't. I love him but the one I love gave up on me. God, please tell me why you've done this to me again when my recent heartbreak of 2 yrs was 6 mnths ago. I'm weak. I pushed him away but I have to forgive myself for thinking I was selfish to try and express myself. Why won't the ones I fall in love with love me back? I'm hurting. I don't want to be like this. I can't. I need you now father. Please someone pray for me. I'm giving up. I have finals this week, and today, and I can't think. Should I even txt him good luck for his last football game on saturday? Idk wht to do...i just need your help God and God's ppl. Please don't let me be alone. I'm breaking apart. I'm dying inside more and more bc I wake up crying for the past week straight. Lord help me put you before love. Please help me be strong...i'm so weak right now. Hold me...someone please...just hold me.

by Anonymous

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Im also in pain right now.text mr f ud ever wanna talk about it 214 900 5141

Anonymous | on Dec 12, 2011

God our father loves us and he wants what is best for us. The person God sends for you will honor and respect you without cheating on you. Place your trust in the Lord, and put your attention on your finals and God will do the rest. Do not let the evil one in the form of a person get to you. May God bless you and show you the way.

Anonymous | on Dec 12, 2011

Yesss thank u. You have no idea how I needed that.

Anonymous | on Dec 12, 2011

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