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The time that tells it sets the day, at first sunlight lets bow down to pray. Lets bow to pray, all on one accord, send all our requests' unto our Lord. We as warriors should be up front, prepared for battle, when the enemy taunts. We'll lift up the poor the blind and the lame, we'll pray away their hurt, their sickness and pain. The widow the weak and all straying sheep, let us pray that their eyes will awake from their sleep. With all faith in God, we surely will win, because Jesus, He died for all the world's sin. Our children,they seem to be so corrupt, please touch them Dear Lord, and lift them all up. For them all our prayers, here's what they should be, for their eyes to be opened that one day they'll see. Where is that love, that love we once knew, that awesome love, that special love,the kind that's so true. That precious love that is found only in Christ,the love that we need to live in this life. It seems like there's some that's lost their own way, let us pray them back home that there they will stay. Admonishing and encouraging let all praises ring, so faithful as being let us lift up our King. I know that our prayers, they all He will hear, let us pray back to hell those evils and fears. Let us stretch forth our hands and pray unto Thee, let us speak loud His name and watch Satan flee. The sun has now set upon us this day,its time that we rise, its time that we pray. In Jesus name. AMEN!

by called of God!

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