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I miss him God I miss rick and I'm can't figure out why. Did I really love him? Or was I pretending to or convincing myself that I did because I'm loney, is it because I Want to already be with the many u have created for me? Or is it because I want kids and I chose to believe rick would at the very least be the man who gave me a child .I wish I had partener all ready and I was hoping it was rick. But I don't know. I don't know anything u on the other hand know everything can u please share some of ur knowledge some of your plans with me. Well I ever be blessed with with kids a home and husband of my own? I feel so lonely I had someone who said they loved me and it felt good to hear that even though it could have been a was nice to hear and to feel. God I'm begging with u give me a break already and bring me my the man that well complete my blessed life who will fill all my wants and needs like children and a home.there's a chance I may be pregnant which God I would be so greatful. Even though I know I went about it the wrong way I just want a child so bad. But I did because I do care for rick and I just want to be a mom. I hear its the best job. I don't know God Im lost and loney and still a little heartbroken and disappointed. Can u please show your self to me. Can you please just Mckendrick my wishes cone true I trust u and I love u and I am so sorry that u have let you down.

by Milady

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