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God only you can i tell you how i really feel about my brother. Only you can help me. God you know me n my brother dnt get along at all n im sick of the nasty words he calls me n my parents. He is 17 going to 18 next month. He doesnt care if he disrespect us. Im so sick of it of him always hurting us emotionally (which he may probably not see it like that), but especially verbally n physically. He thinks its ok for him to lay his hand on me whenever we both argue. He wants his ways to be his way. Im 22 but compare to him im small n skinny. I feel like hurting him so much especially braking his mouth for all the things he has done to us n still do. I want to hit him until he bleeds so he can feel the pain he has caused us...but i cnt because of his weight, hes big. On top of that he threatens us especially me of hurting me. He say hes gana get someone on the street to beat me up. He once said he was gana get a gun to shoot me. He even said that to my older brother who is like 28 n come out from the Navy like 2 or 3 years ago. This is not the first or second time this happes. This has happened many times n still does. Right now im in my room tryin to holds my tongue cuz i wana argue bak at him for somethin hes blamin me n my sis of doing when it wasnt us. In the other hand, mami had opportunities to get help for him but she didnt n doesnt want to take it. I know its her son but til how long is it gana continue...until something really bad does happens???? And to be honest God, it hurts me so deeply that i be n try to be nice. As much as it hurts me n want him to pay for everything he does but its the right think to do n ask for......i asked that you soften his heart that he may Love, mind that he may Recognize his wrong doing n sayings, n lift of his Spirit so he can live for You, God n accept You into his heart n life as his personal Saviour. I ask in Jesus name that You take care of this. Also God dnt permit my heart to turn into a stone towards him like it once did before. Amen :'(

by Beauty

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