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How do i forgive the bully?
She bullied me for almost two decades.
She told everyone that i was over reacting.
Her cruel words are nothing and harmless.
I am tired but the fire in me grows whenever i am near her.
She is my aunt.
I tried to forgive her countless times but she renew the fiery with her cruel words.
No one believes me because she is a good pretender.
I am so lost.
I want to visit my granny but my granny stays with that evil aunt.
I am trying so hard to keep my sanity.
I pray for help.
Thank you

by Amelia

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Write a letter and express how you feel, if you can hand it to her, if you can't just tear it up. Do not bottle it up. Express prayer here. God sees, hears all. Prayers. Chin up!

PraytoGOD | on Dec 22, 2011

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