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Thank you for another morning Lord, Thank your keeping my children and I peacefully through the night, thank you for protecting us.Lord please forgive me of my sins forgive me of my short comings... I ask that you please help me set aside time today while the kids are resting to get into your word and in prayer, Lord open my heart and soul and pour out a message Jesus. Lord I pray for the young mothers that you give them guidance, help them to see your will for this life pull these women out of the strip clubs Lord, the way u pulled me, pull these women out of abusive relationships, out of the thinking that we have to sacrifice self respect for love Jesus our generation is broken our woman are becoming tired and going to extreme lengths they are killing their children father, we are degrading ourselves in these videos Jesus please put the men back into the families our men are becoming women now, don't want to work, loss of hope, leaving their children, Jesus please help our men to stand up show them how to be men lead them to you, sit them down wake them up that they may feel your calling on their lives as the priest in our homes, take them off the corners and crack houses, take them out the prison and the criminal mentality the lead them there restore your people Lord God, restore our faith help us not to become so obessed with things that we loose sight of you, teach us how to prioritize. and not live for the moment, show us how to live everyday life keeping you every step of the way...heal our children from the hurt, the fear heal our homes rebuild our structure, Jesus lay a solid foundation with you. Jesus take over our government place Godly Christ like leaders and office help us not to become tolerant of sin, but let us not be judgemental, Jesus, help us to stop seeing one sin greater then the other let us look inward and take care of the sins we carry and not go and persecute the homosexuals or prostitutes or the drug dealers, lets not allow them unjust or ungodly rights but lets not try to step in your place to judge this world is so judgemental so corrupt what's right is wrong now bring back your morals and values...Jesus I love you and want to serve you I know you are returning but id be a liar if I said I wasn't nervous, I know I'm saved but because I fear the unknown and Lord, I am a bit selfish I feel like you've began to open my mind and show me how to be responsible how to make better choices and part of me wants to live right before we go, father I know that's selfish because so many people are hurting and going through unspeakable things. Please release me of that spirit of selfishness I wish all could just get it right with you.. I know I am still child like in a lot of my thoughts and ways please sit with me and help me through them, please talk to me as I make my way... Jesus help me to feel your presence in my home today, in my heart today..these things I pray in Jesus holy name Amen Amen and Amen

by livingtohearhim

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Amen, I agree with you in prayer. May God show favor in all you ask.

Hislife4me | on Dec 10, 2011

May God bless your commitment to Him! Your prayer blessed my heart!

Anonymous | on Dec 10, 2011

What a beautiful prayer, I'm in agreement with you, may God richly bless you and all in your world. Happy Holidays.

Anonymous | on Dec 10, 2011

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