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Dear God, I'm about to give up on you just like you....well you never gave up on me bc YOU WERE NEVER THERE...each day my life gets worse and I become weaker....and like you less....

by Jay

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God never forgets about us is us that we don't see that he's there look around u give him a chance let him in your life don't louse faith.

lily | on Dec 09, 2011

I'm through with giving him chances. I lost faith awhile go. My life only gets worse and no one can say different. Even though things got worse I kept him at my side....HE is pushing me I'm done with him.

Jay | on Dec 09, 2011

Belive his there is we that dont let him show his glory to us cause of our sins so i hang on the greater thing is about to come

Anonymous | on Dec 09, 2011

Oh my God im feeling this way right now. been praying this situation, its been 4 months already that my gf broke up with me. But God knows how much I love her and didnt do anything to hurt her but God I dont think u listen evrytime I pray. Im always in tears evrytime I ask for ur help but its getting worse evryday, I swear. I dont know anymore where to turn to. I was with this girl for 4 years and between those times she cheated 4 times. And I never did even once :( .. hey can we talk about our problems? I just need someone to talk to. Text me 214 900 5141

Anonymous | on Dec 09, 2011

I really know how u feel my BF of 5 years broke up Its my fault & I am so sorry & he won't forgive me ;-( I have prayed & it seems he not there but I have to think he is cuz I don't have the strength to be here for my daughter if I don't believe in god & the things of God I feel like the most horrible person in the world I'm trying to help but I'm sure I'm not cuz I'm in tears just if there was no god I wouldn't be here trying to comfort U when I came looking for my own comfort ;-) He IS HERE FoR US we just never can see it

ashley | on Dec 09, 2011

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