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Lord please give me the strength to let go. I need to move on with my life. He doesn't treat me right. He hurt me so badly & Lord we both know this relationship can't be repaired. We share 2 kids & almost 2 decades & I've cried about 90% of the entire relationship. Lord I don't want to appear that I'm out to hurt him because he hurt me but Lord I don't understand why he proclaims his love for me & that very love he has continues to hurt me? I'm tired of crying on the inside & smiling on the outside. For once Lord please take away this pain that he has caused me. Now Lord he is in q situation to where he needs me. But Lord I know this is my chance to be free of him & his abuse for the sake of our kids. Lord thank you for helping me because as I write this prayer my eyes are filled with tears. You know I have tried to break away from this relationship many times & I continue to be weak. But what I have come to realize is you have not given up on me. I can hear you talking to me & I hear you telling me you will take care of it for me. But dear Lord I'm scared. I'm begging you for the sake of my kids as we begin this transition to protect us & cover us with the precious blood of Jesus. Give me the strength to keep pushing & keep us out of harms way. I'm a victim of domestic violence & I didn't know my way out & I thought it was love. Just when I was ready to give up you already had a plan. Make me strong Lord & protect me & my children. Forgive me Lord for the hurt I have caused anyone & especially to those who love me. Help me to see him for what he is. I can't stop crying Lord work this out for me & my kids. Prayer warriors I need to all to pray very hard for me & my kids.

by Anonymous

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You can make it. Just remember that you are doing the right thing and the good lord will provide in your time of need. With faith in our right hand and courage in our left, we are not alone. God bless you and your children

Anonymous | on Dec 09, 2011

I feel so bad because Lord knows I wanted to raise my children with their father. He has treated me so terribly & now he needs me. My heart wants me to help him but I feel I don't won't to mislead him.

Anonymous | on Dec 09, 2011

I feel for you my children father walk out on us. But whan i begain to love me it don't hurt so much. Also so we have to be strong and live for our children and stay in God word. He will make a way for us. I can't. Tell you what to do but watch your self be cause he did it once he well do it again. I been their. God Bless You.

i need a prayer but i no i am going to make it | on Dec 09, 2011

You bring me to tears as I read your prayer over again. He no he has control of you I did not go though the violence but he is controling his way or no way the pain I went though. The leveing the and the argements for nothing. I got tired of it and now. I am happy now yes we hurt and want to have father in our children live but at we have to let go. So stay in prayer at all times we need it. Bless You

i need a prayer but i no i am going to make it | on Dec 09, 2011

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