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God I need You to just listen please. I don't know what to do. I'm so hurt. I don't know how to fix my relationship. He wants to be single and has moved. Now he isn't my boyfriend and I can't handle it. He cares about me and we are friends again thanks to You for fixing that. I need You to bring him back here and to get him to be my boyfriend again. don't know how to do it. It seems impossible. So, I need You to do it or for You to tell me how to. God I believe in Your power so please show me it! I can't do this. I wanna give up on it but I can't because I love him. Is this possible to change?

Anyone have any experiences where things have changed when it looked impossible? I could really use something to cheer me up. :'(

by Anonymous

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I'm in your shoes,but some of my friend has the same things happen,but not until they rely compeletely on god,things then work out! I was still praying want my b f back,and we still going to work together and church friend.but I feel it just not happen yet.but lord has told me,I got to lost the donkey(bible easter story).god has great use of it.and it will turn up something even better.wait up on our lord. Bf is not your everything. but our lord.
I understand it's bit hard,keep praying for god's strength and guidence.hope it help.but I know I will pray for you!

lydia | on Dec 07, 2011

Sometimes God wants us to love him the way we love our boyfriends. He wants to be that guy you cant live without and see no future if hes not in it. Maybe God purposely put you in that sisuation to lean on him more and put your all in him so he could give you your heart's desire. Be strong and stay in God.

Tiffany | on Dec 07, 2011

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