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Well day three of bringing an encouraging. Friend / ex you know its hard when the other person doesn't reply. I know he would o know he's. Reading them I just want to hear from him. I need u God I need ur help my mind and heart still on not on the same page. Please dear lord.Help if rick the man that you have designed for me then ill go above and beyond and be patient. And understanding. And kind am i even capable of helping a drug addict? am i crazy for even thinking I can help? Does he even want my help? Does he even care. Its hard being a support system when your unsure where the other party is at mentally and emotionally. How have other people felt with it. How did they make it work? Or what clicked in there hearts and minds to just walk away as much as they love or care for the other person. Just clean there hands in the matter. This is where I am at this morning. On a bright note thank u for granting me one more day of life. For giving me a heart to feel . I think u for my job my family and friends continue to be with us and bless us. Protect us from the devil and bad choices for everyone who I don't know be with them protect them guide them love them continuing Blessing them. Thank u amen

by Milady

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