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I just feel like giving up right now! I'm feel like God doesn't hear me or care. I've been in this situation for several months now & can't get no help. Its very frustrating! God I.can't take no more. I can't provide for my kids & feel like I'm a failure. I've been to local churches, some help, some dont. I'm not looking for a handout, but just some help right now. I never ask for help, especially with finances, but even the Bible says money answereth all things. I seriously need some financial help right now. I'm very desperate for money 2 pay my bills. I don't have credit cards or any outside bills, these are just basic nesecessity bills, like rent, utilies, insurance. I can't pay those right now bc of my hours getting cut at work. I'm trying 2 find another job, but have had no luck. I need something to change immediately! I can't keep living like this. My kids don't understand that I don't have money or that I have to ask others for food 2 feed them. The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get. Please pray 4 God 2 open a door 4 me. I just don't know what 2 do, but I feel like throwing up my hands right now & ending it all.

by Chilliebeanie79

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Your prayer sounds a lot like mine. May GOD bless and answer your prayer immediately. FATHER i pray for this prayer and mine. Find favor with us, we ate far from lazy . We are not charging etc. The world is expensive,prices go up, wages go down.this world is crazy,thank GOD we are from your kingdom, smile down on us with more than enough . Blessed to be a blessing,JESUS said our blessings would be overflowing, you told us to trust you and you alone and we do..thank-you we will live I'm your provisions...AMEN.

Anonymous | on Dec 07, 2011

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