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A morning prayer is like a cool drink of trust, it gives us direct access to the Fountain of life. As our prayers begin to flow, the Fountain drinks them up. It swallows all we have to pour, and never does shut off, from all the prayers that we flow up they come back down as rain. The Fountain then becomes a Sprinkler,that showers out our blessings,they fall upon our heads, not least are we expecting, they fall upon our barren land, with praise we start confessing. Each Prayer that we flow it goes in through these pipes, the pipes they act as ears,that hears us day and night , and all the prayers we thought were lost,have flowed back through these pipes. Our prayers are like a praise, which falls out from our mouth, and this we know, when praise go up, to way on high the blessings but fall out. So if you have a prayer, just bring it to the Fountain,you only need bow up, and all of your true heart's desires will pour in to your cup. Amen!

by called of God!

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Love this

Ali | on Dec 07, 2011

That's very uplifting

Anonymous | on Dec 07, 2011

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