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God i come to you on this day not only as yo child lord but as a friend god you said we can come to you about anything good or bad. I wake up every morning and thank you for waking me up and my fiance and his loved ones and mine also God i pray for others more then i do myself. God you kept my here for 17 years and i cant thank you enuff you brought me thru 12 years of school which was not easy at all. God sense i was in the 5th grade i felt like my life was worthless and as i got older them feelings just got stronger and stronger i had nobody to talk to i felt like when i called out for you god you was never there YOU WAS NEVER THERE! i asked for you to send me so many signs that you didnt leave me that you still did love me even thoe i did things that i felt shamed you I said sorry still NOTHING i prayed God i beged you to take it away still NOTHING it was like you was laughing at me saying "YOU FOOL" god i never understood how you took my lil brother life at One Years Old i mean a baby whos made no kinda sins n life but keep mine someone who sins everyday. Ill never understand but i want stop Loving you trusting you or believing you cuz i know there's a reason for everything i thank you god lord i thank you thru the good and bad. You've been more then good to me and i cant thank you enuff i love you i Love you i love you keep your hand on me and the ones i love and the ones they AMEN

by Gods Gift

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U are precious ... And the apple of the lords eye ... He has a mighty and unfathomable purpose for u.. God bless ... Don't and never give up on Jesus

shine(precious in Lord\'s sight) | on Dec 06, 2011

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