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Lord, i can feel myself very depressed right now in my life.... its as if i keep going through the same things over and over again with men... once again i put my heart out to someone who i thought would be by my side and understand me... and once again i was wrong... this man is a good man lord but hes very prideful and stubborn... hes been hurt in the past, as well as i have been.... he seemed to have had high expectations coming from me and he cant even seem to realize and see how that was affecting me... he made me feel as if i had soo much to prove to him in order to continue winning his heart....but lord i have been hurt as well and i opened my past to him thinking he would understand me and be patient with me and hold my hand through this, its hard for me to trust because i been hurt over and over again....i dont see how he couldnt really understand that... he made me feel as if i never showed him that i loved him or cared for him because i had trust issues, i was insecure, and jealous at times... lord i have changed and im trying soo hard only you know what i been through.... so a few days ago he told me he was done....just like that his feelings that he claimed of love were gone.....i dont understand how i can keep trying to fight for someone who just can seem to walk away as soon as things get hard... he said he wanted to marry me, have children and do things right... lord there are soo many things i love about this man... we started goinng to church together, i started realizing things i needed to change to be more secure with myself and trust him... i showed him a lot of me and i shared sooo much with him.. but yet he dosent seem to think i cared or showed anyting.... hes soo angry and i cant even understand why....i hurt him because i was the way i was so he walked away... but all i asked for was for him to be patient with me and have faith in me and know i do love him... i asked him to be by my side and he can say is i dont want to have to teach you.... lord i dont want to be taught but i thought when you love someone you want to help them any way you can... how is he so angry because im can he be soo cold and stubborn...i feel as almost his past is getting in the way as well and he dont even see it... lord you know how hard its been for me, but i have let him go, even though its soo hard to not pick up the phone and call him or text him....its hard...but im putting all my trust in you praying for this relationship...lord my heart is with him and i really want a future with him....its just a feeling ive had since i meet him....but lord i need to step back and let you work on him and his anger,him being stubborn, prideful, and just allowing him to see his wrongs... right now lord i dont feel like he ever loved me, because he walked away soo easy....but lord im trying to have faith and i pray that he humbles himself and realizes im not here to hurt him and i do love him.... i miss him soo much and its been hard these few days.... lord i really want him in my life and in my future....please help me as well to continue to change and let myself love completely and be more open with my feelings.... right now it feels as if its too late...but with you lord nothing is too late.... lord you know what my heart desires, you know he makes me happy, i know everything happens for a reson lord....i really love him but im giving you this relationship lord and leaving it in your hands.... and lord if you decide hes not who you want for me, please heal my broken heart until you bless me with the one who is..... i pray i jesus name ...amen

by mandy

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You will get through this everything happens for a reason

GodGurl | on Dec 06, 2011

I truly understand ur situation.i pray the same thing with you and its getting better everyday. All u have to do is keep ur faith in our God and you will see. He will give you more than you ask for.may God bless you ur heart and bless you both. May love peace and joy be with you.

child of God♥ | on Dec 06, 2011

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