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Tonight I gave what happen to me up to God. It was very hard cause I feel beyond hurt and confused. I've been through something traumatic. It has hurt my faith,spirit and myself worth. I just hope that God you will bring this to the light somehow without me hurting myself anymore. I'm definitely feeling overwhelmed by what Carlos did to me. I feel violated and broken. I am taking all that anger,pain,suffering,sadness and placing it in your hands. Please let this be my finale decesion. Please help me to do this God cause my heart would like to have him humiliated the way he did to me. But it has to be done your way even though I feel like I want to take it in my own hands cause he has hurt me and nothing has been done. From what I see. But what I do know is that I've made mistakes that were just horrible. So if your there please God I beg with every once of me please be just and know that this is tearing me apart mentally,physically and emotionally I need to be healed. Not once did he say sorry for taking advantage or hurting me. He used so many things against me that were not right. And I let him. Please God hear my prayer. In Jesus name Amen.

by IamGodsdaughter<3

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I don't know your situation but God does....if you get a chance to look up the song "Why Can't We" by the goes along with the message that a lot of times forgivness is more for the person who was wronged than for the debtor. Took me a while to figure that out. Praying for you! Leave that burden on the altar! :)

southerngospelsinger423 | on Dec 05, 2011

I'm sorry your going through this...never let a boy make u feel less that what ur worth. Keep u head up and know god and so many others love and care about u. Our father already has the answer before we even ask. He will heal ur mind body and spirit. Woman to woman know ur self worth and let ur relationship with god be the strongest relationship you'll ever have. I pray our lord in heaven blesses you beyond ur wildest dreams.may god be with u!

forgiven87 | on Dec 05, 2011

Thank you both for your words of kindness. And they are very helpful. I never thought I would over come but with your prayers for me God is healing me. I pray that God uses both of you to glorify him. Thank you so much. God bless you both. Amen

IamGodsdaughter<3 | on Dec 10, 2011

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