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Dear god ,

I am begging for a more happier life everyday im sad, mad, cryfull because of certain people i always get accused of stuff i dont do i een get yelled at everyday for something.. EVERYDAY! im so sick and tired of all this im so sick of it jesus i need your help can you gibe me a miracel? or even a blessing? i beg i love you so much and everyday i go threw pain.. lord i beg u for a good , happy life i pray please pray that my life gets better. I hope i have a great day at school tommorow! and dont get bullied.

Xoxo i love u god lord here my prayer <3


by i <3 God !

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Awe your prayers move the heart of God. He loves you so much!!! Don't despair read psalm 91 and smile because you belong to the most high God you are sheltered and though you may feel bullied stand for greater is he in you. Next time you are bullied instead of reacting to the bully react to the sinner. Say wow I feel bad that you are so unhappy in your life that your only joy is making others miserable. I am going to pray for you. And do it in a few days you will see God make a way for you!
You say you are getting accused of doing things you haven't done, Satan is the accuser don't let him make you feel bad and steal your joy!!! You are the Child of The King!!!! If an adult accuses you like Mom Dad or a teacher just say look I Didn't do this but let's pray because I feel bad. Never be afraid to go to God he always listens and helps. God Bless!!!

jesusseer | on Dec 05, 2011

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