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The following poem written to worship our Lord Jesus. No matter what trials we face... regardless of the circumstance... He is worthy of our praise and adoration!

How is it?

How awesome are Your works that my soul knows right well,

Your ways are past finding out.

Psalm 139:14

How is it… What I thought was a tragedy,You turned into triumph.

What I thought was the end, You turned into a new beginning.

What I thought was hopeless, You used to teach me to hope only in You.

What I thought would destroy me, In Your hands has brought genuine life.

When I thought my circumstances were out of control,

You pulled back the tapestry of my life to reveal Your Master craftsmanship at work.

Lord Jesus, Your sovereignty rules over all,

You are my Mighty fortress, My Rock and High tower,

In You alone I trust and find refuge,

Let me never be ashamed.

How awesome are Your works that my soul knows right well,

Your ways are past finding out.

The Lord is my Rock and my Fortress and my Deliverer.

My God, my Rock, in Whom I take refuge.

Psalm 18:2 NASB
2011-12-5 :

With the recents winds that have come down in California, and as I heard moving toward the east. The trees that came down, the trucks over turned, the damaged to homes and other things these strong winds brought about.

Still some winds but slowly moving eastward, today it is sunny, but winds still blowing, but still a calmness as it seems to come to an end.

It's been several days since these winds have been blowing, the second night I was sitting in my car watching it blowing so hard and seeing the trees moving back and forth, wondering if some in front of me would be torn down by the force of the wind blowing as much as 90 mph.

I was reminded of all that I am facing right now, the circumstances I am being confronted at this time. Still praying, still believing these winds of trial will pass and all will be calm.

It was said on the news that the 3rd night would be stronger! But it did not come, at least in the area where I live. It has been scary at times driving in the winds when you have things to do.

You still have to deal with the wind until it calms down. Yet even in these winds I know God is there. Was God telling me something when that night I was in my car, seeing the force of the wind blowing and shaking my car.

God is in control, as I sat there praying, reading the prayer apps and praying for those I felt led to pray for. Seeing so many requests for prayer. My heart was overwhelmed but all could do was pray in agreement with them.

We must pray for one another during the winds of trial. There is power in prayer. Trusting God for the answers in His time and way. Even in the winds which He controls, will pass in time, as we wait upon Him.

Keep pushing, and believing, He is worthy of our praise!

by Hector

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Awsome. Thank you for sharing, Hector.

✨👼Peace👼✨ | on Dec 05, 2011

Thanks hector ... God was; is ; and always will b in control .. Amen .

shine(precious in Lord\'s sight) | on Dec 05, 2011

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