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Sarah idk why u want me to go thrugh so much pain so we can go back to being in love but I been crying n idk how ur making me do tht. idk if u wanna see me so hurt by this or u want me to feel what u felt or ur just doing this for fun...My heart can't handle this, I might swell just end everything cus it wud be the same pain im feeling from this. I admitted my mistakes, I admitted I ****ed up but its not enough for shud, Sarah tht was our first argument EVER. we do pretty good since tht was our first ever in the whole time I've loved you. why are u dwelling on it so much baby? I admitted my mistakes, I admitted I ****ed up, most guys wudnt do tht sarah they wud leave you n move on but I didn't cus im not just sum other guy to you. we have sumthing so special, we shud be able to just say sorry admit the wrongs n move on Wid no change u know. Im not like other guys sarah. Other guys wudnt care about you so much, they wudnt listen to you, they wudnt respect you. wen ur sad I bet they wud probly just say "damn tht blows" -_- but I put out my best to make you smile :) most guys use girls for sex n don't care about what they really have n who they have :/ im not like tht, I see the best in you n I give you all my love n I never stopped loving you or appreciating you. I hope u see tht cus u know its true. if u don't wanna fix things n don't want us to be in love anymore tell me now. im crying right now im so depressed...I need to know if u want to fix things with me, if u still love me, if u still care and trust me. but it shudnt be like tht cus it was one argument n nothing changed my feelings for you...idk y u changed ur feelings for me. I need you, I wasn't joking wen I said ur my everything. Tell me now if u still love me n wanna go back to being in love with eachother sarah ik I do thts for certain. Idk y u just can't tell me no so I can move on, instead u make me wait Wid this pain why? I just want us to go back to loving eachother n ur not letting me. Do u even still love me anymore? Are we tht far gone? Please sarah open ur heart, tell me how u feel anymore, please open ur heart n stop avoiding me. please lets talk about how u feel, what u want me to do, how I can reach u again, please sarah let's talk this out!

by Ian Derrick

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I pray that God touches your relationship but remember God still loves you father.

savedbygrace | on Dec 05, 2011

Bless you :')

Ian Derrick | on Dec 05, 2011

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