Prayer Request

Please pray for us please please.
I cant take it anymore please God please.

Please don't let Y pity, communicate and take K back again please.
Let Y talk ti me and her mom about everything not keep quiet.
Let Y trust her mom and me please.
Let K never comes back in our live again please.

K used to hit, slap, drag her hair, hit her with his car, too her money, use her for sex,control her, took advantges and left her before. Last week K slap or punch her in the face but y says its accident but me and her mom knws it wasnt.
K always find a way to come let her take him back.
He is very bad a monster. He very tricky. He is saleman but selfish.

My friend Y she is stupid. She is just a girl. She got only mother.
She went to girl school. She donesn't knw much about guys.
She is good girl, kind to people and animals and cute girl.
K always say i love u to her.
Police in where i stay can do nothing. Because money is power here. They wont touch K.

Please God don't let this man comes back to our live.
Me and her mother is so scare and worry. If i got no family i will shoot K with a gun myself.
I can not take this no more.
Thank you all.

by tp

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Rebuke those spirits of discourt in the name of Jesus. Soften their hearts, open their minds, hearts, eyes, and ears Lord.

JesusIsLord | on Dec 05, 2011

God his a just God the bible says the heart of the king his in his hand. So God can change hearts just trust and believe be not afraid of nothing because God his with you. God his faithful in it all. I thank God you still have Faith

savedbygrace | on Dec 05, 2011

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