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Lord, Please help my little five year old get some sleep. I don't understand why night after night she can't fall asleep. Help her find peace and comfort... Lord, I'm so scared and heart broken, it is only a few weeks away when my two young ones have to fly alone to see their dad. Please let them have a safe flight and please don't allow him and his family to make the girls uncomfortable by asking a million questions about me and my family...I want them to go, have a nice time, but can't wait to come back home to me...My heart hurts not to have.them on Christmas...their older sister and I are going to miss them so much.. Lord please bring my babies home to me. Amen

by Anonymous

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Regarding your 5 year old daughter, does she nap during the day? That will throw her night schedule off just as it can ours. If that isn't the situation does she take medication? Some medications cause wakefulness. Chocolate-contains caffeine so a cup of chocolate milk with dinner could be the culprit. Also- some people have sensitivities to food coloring. Mostly Red 40 and Yellow 5. I met a guy who says he gets hyper after drinking red drinks. I have a feeling you will find some relief for your
daughter if you make one or more of these adjustments. Be well.

Melody Tranquila | on Dec 05, 2011

She does not nap at that isn't it. She is not on any medications. She does sometimes have an oreo with regular milk for dessert...but I feel it is something else. I think me going to work and her missing me during the day. I wish she was in school or I could afford daycare. My mom watches her during the day.

Anonymous | on Dec 05, 2011

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