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I am concerned about. The. Harry. Potter. Industry. I think. They. Might be. Dragging a lot. Of our. Young. People. To hell. Because. Satanists can do the. Same. Things. They. Just. Show. The. Kids. A little. Trick and they. Become. A bad Rolemodel. For. Kids. All over. The. World. This. Needs. Some. Serious. Prayer. But. Let's. Not go mad and start. Burning. Harry. Potter stuff

by Michael williams

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I'm in high school and have made wrong choices for a long time now I'm working on straightening up and I couldn't agree more. The music we listen to the movies we watch the things we say and act like it's fine.. I happened to fall into the crowd to and it's easy because god is nowhere to be found! I feel like god is calling me out to help people and change some lives around starting with mine

JB | on Dec 04, 2011

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