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You know God I prayed to u I prayed to u as good I knew how to I am a sinner I know this but I didn't ask to be hurting like this. You brought rick back in to my life to allow him to decided he didn't want this that he changed his mind why allow me to love him I'd ur plan wasn't for to be together this OS the 2 nd time I feel your failing. Me. All I asked for OS for some one to love and to be there for me I'm not asking for the impossible. Or anything outrageous. I asked you to be with us and be in the center of it y Did you all him up come back and hurt me. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO!!WHAT DO U WANT FROM ME I feel like your ignoring me all I've been asking and praying for is a man to love who loves me and wont leave I want a husband and a family. Kids of My own isn't this y u created us. Y do all these people who don't want a marriage or a relations get to have it. Y do u. Allow women to have children and me who am praying for a husband and kids of my own get nothing. Really where is the logic. I know I cant see past my anger and hurt and I'm trying to remain hopeful and trust in u but God your testing me and I know u r but I am just so hurt and angry and disappointed. With rick and the fact that u haven't allowed me yo experience. Either or. God I'm asking for u to show yourself to me I need ur reassurance. And I need to feel ur love. What do I need to do. If rick isn't the one then y pit him on my path again?!.

by Milady

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