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Why is it when you stop going to church and you not right with the Lord, and you have a spiritual dry spell .. ppl and friends from church look at you with down cast eyes like .. and keep ur distance from you ... You will think this is the time you need them the most .. and yes i know i shouldnt put my trust in men ... But im just like kind of mad in a way wheres the love .. and im not saying im a saint cause God knows im not believe me .. and i dont want to have this hate to grow or have a grudge .. so i really dont want that seed in my life .. but i have seen this not only to myself but to others in church .. shouldnt we pick up are brothers in sisters and pray for one another hold there hand or a phone call .. not to bost i have done it many of times .. and i keep doing it even to the ones that have hurt me .. You know im lying if i say im not hurt i am .. but plz let me know if my way of thinking is wrong .. for i change it .. im just like speachless ... But right now i leave it in your hands Lord and thanks for this what im feeling for everything has a,propose and i will come out of this learning something .. Ur the best Lord ... Love you ... :)

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This is seen often. However, our responsibility as children of God is to lift up others. When someone is missing, we should be attempting to find out why. I have found when people are regular attenders and aren't there for a few weeks, they could usually use a lift. You are right...we should be lifting them up. I think often people make assumptions as to the reason instead of finding out the truth. Other times, people are just too busy to contact them. We need to make time. I do my best but I am guilty of being too busy as well at times. Thank you for the reminder :)

Anonymous | on Nov 25, 2011

Thank you for your comment .... Means a lot ... :)

Anonymous | on Nov 25, 2011

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