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God, i feel as if I am a walking time bomb right now. kind of not like me - but today i already have been told i look out of it, i am stressed.. i am forgetting.. i am just not functioning at my best in the head right now! I am a senior in college, and right now ALL of the deadlines and financial issues are really weighing me down. The pressure for internships, and even getting into one, and the pressure for a stable job once i graduate, etc. It is all too much to handle. I know i cant do it on my own, but right now I cant help but to be anxious and worried. I have loans i need to pay that is stressing me out. I need a financial break-through! At any moment I feel like i am about to explodeeeee! and maybe i DO need to explode so that all the tears and leave and i can start fresh with you and just get all my worries out onto You but then i have a research paper due monday and other assignments this weekend, its just all cracking down and making me feel like i have NO time and yet all these "to-do's" are killing me. :(

Jesus, can you help me rest in You? this is all BABBLING nonsense to many but it is really eating me up. i cant do it on my own. I am weak and lost in this area right now. Holy Spirit, i need Your guidance! and peace in my heart. Please hold my hand as i tackle each assignment and attempt to have it done. Place in me and in Your children the assurance that You have not abandoned us and Your plans for us outweighs ours. I want to be confident that U have my back Lord, and even if i fail in what im doing, i want to just leave it all to You. Help me to surrender.

Thank you God for all! I dont want this weighing me down today or this week for the deadlines - i want You to still have the glory!


by stephanie

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Stehanie I know you feel like everything is coming in like a flood but God wants you to know how much he loves you and how proud he is of your life in him. Do not forget when you gave him your heart you gave him your mind too. So the mind of Christ is in you and will help you overcome your fear and doubt. Your mind will feel clearer like you just drank an energy drink and a peace will come to you. God has Big plans for your life! He loves you and will never let you down!!! He sticks closer than a brother! God Bless ! Diane

jesusseer | on Nov 18, 2011

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