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Today was a roller coster day, me and my boyfriend have been happy one minute and giving each other the silent treatment the next. Please god help me to see my faults in this relationship so that things may go a little bit more smoother in our relationship. He has truly been a blessing to me end my daughter, and without his financial support we would be out of a home. I think he gets caught up in the whole money situation sometimes, i hate how this world revolves around nothing but money! Maybe you could help him see his errors as well. As usual everything happens for a reason and even though its hard to believe sometimes if he's not the one god i know you will find some way or another to let me know.

by hoping to find myself

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That's good to see you taking responsibility upon the situation a little bit. If its one thing I've learned this past year, its that if you want to fix something in yourself to not only help you but others as well, and you pray about that, God is surely willing to help you commit to a positive change.

Alex | on Jan 14, 2010

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