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Lord, I still feel a great ping of pain for the two year old toddler who was purposely ran over twice in China by a van and a dumptruck and ignored by 18 bystanders. Later, her body limply dragged to a pile of trashbags, thank God her mother found her but she is in serious coma and not breathing on her own. Please, for every prayer said, send her and her family multiple blessings plus ten. I love you Jesus and praise you. Amen. <3

by olivia

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Some people are unbelievable!! How can you not help someone, especially a child. I know it is out of fear but come on!

May god watch her. Well he has already if she was able to even drag herself after that horrible ordeal. I will pray
that God sends every angel he has to her side. Many blessings. Please let me know if she is okay down the road? Please. God Bless you!!

Iliana | on Oct 20, 2011

I agree!! And I will try. If she does, it will probably be on the news but at the rate it's going things aren't looking so good, although our God is mighty and A miracle worker!! And the sad thing is, the people who hit her's response was to the parents, "How much do I have to pay to get out of this?" pathetic much?! Those people need a strengthening from the Lord!!

olivia | on Oct 20, 2011

And God bless you too!! I'm sure her prayers are much appreciated!!

olivia | on Oct 20, 2011

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