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Dear lord please pry for my mom she is 51 and she was just told she has stage 4 ovarian cancer and its in her kidney abdomen ovary and her lung and lyph notes how can this all just come to light over night. They can't operate cuz its in the advanced stages lord please I need my mom I'm the only child n she's all I have please pray and help her please please please

by dee

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Dee, I m so sorry to hear your news, I know you are scared but don't be rite now it the time for u to be strong because your mom is going to need all your support to get thru this! I will pray for you and if o can be of any help to you I'll give u my number you can lean on me! Lord surround dee with strength give her the courage and support that she needs at this moment to help her mother with this illness! Jesus let her feel your presence so that she knows that she is not alone you my Jesus are with her! God never will give you more than u can handle Dee and he is the one with the last word on your moms illness! God bless you and I m here if you need me!

Ibis Y. Colon | on Oct 10, 2011

I pray she is healed. Have her listen to rekie healing music and meditate that the cancer is getting smaller and smaller invision it in her minds eye and believe . Take a supplement from gnc or vitamen world its pine needle extract from the trees of californa. I hope it helps i pray.

Anonymous | on Oct 10, 2011

My prayers go out to you....Keep praying here everytime you feel weak, scared, concerned or alone...anytime...all the time..pleasr trust in the Lord. God can heal anything. Hold on sweetie....he is with you! and so are all the prayer warriors on here...we love you Doll.

Mrs. Bless | on Oct 10, 2011

words can't explain your pain,am so sorry,!dear god jesu your lord savior from the heaven above guide dee dee an her mother give them both strength,an courage,you can only give her a miracle lord only you can make this happen jesus in your name be by her don't leave her side or her mothers in your name i pray amen!!

yola | on Oct 10, 2011

even its very hard to imagine your pain. But believe in almighty god, the creator of this world. He possesses a power to heal everyone. i pray for you to god. God please take her all pains away and heal her.

hyamal | on Oct 11, 2011

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