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I have a question..can someone please answer. When I pray or talk to god do I have to be on my knees??? God bless everyone.thanks

by lovegod

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Pray whenever,wherever, God is always listening all the time don't be afraid.

l.marrow | on Oct 10, 2011

You can pray anyway. Bowing our heads is referring to submission to our Father! It is the heart which God looks at! Bowing ours to His. He is not only Lord, He is our Abba Father. Standing, kneeling, lying in your bed, in church with head bowed down, sitting down, anyway but the heart in reference to Him.

Hector | on Oct 10, 2011

If u can get on ur knees to meet I think u come more humble that way in god here's u if ur walking down the streets make sure it comes from ur heary

SMILE JESUS LOVES U* | on Oct 10, 2011

When you pray with Father, you pray how comfortably you can and in a quite place between you and him,that way you will feel his presencd and his voice, remember god loves when you pray to him,talk to him,he knows when you need him, and when you feel that way also, dont ever feel hes too busy or hes not there! Bless you and hoped that helped

In Love With God | on Oct 10, 2011

You can pray anyway that you need to. God can hear your prayers in any position! I have prayed just sitting down and my eyes closed for a few seconds and instantly my prayer was answered. All Glory to God!!! So pray in any position! He hears what's in your heart! God bless and I pray for instant answers for your prayers!!!

Anonymous | on Oct 10, 2011

No my love you don't have to be on your knees at times you don't even have to talk just think it what you want to say and he will hear your heart! I was told by an old minister that some believe the correct way of is to write your prayer cuz u really invision wat u want! Which every u r comftable it dose not as long as u pray!
God bless you

Ibis Y. Colon | on Oct 10, 2011

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