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I ask for answer because I have been praying the same pray for the last 6 years and no answer. So I ask the if I have miss my calling or destiny please gave me a second chance. Open Rhodes doors again.

Right now in my life I'm very alone.
I know you say my time is not your time. Be quiet and still. And trust in you. I do have faith. But I need more. I need a outlet a goal a purpose. Please forgive me for my doubts and say I'm not a child of God. I know I am but this place you have me in right now I don't understand I'm confused,lonely,no resources,no friends,just you to talk to. But sometimes I need for someone to talk back to have understanding. God I Thank You for what have and for what I don't have. For the things I going thru and been thru. I'm strong but right now in my life I need your courage ,strength,wisdom,knowledge and clear understanding from you. To have the blood of Jesus over me. The whole armor of God from my head to toes.
God I love you with my whole heart. Please gave me rest and to whole. I do miss him but I dont know if I messed up so if that door is still open God please open it. In Jesus name Amen

by Yaya

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Yaya, if you feel the same prayer for six years has not worked for you! Then then just pray a different prayer! Sometimes Jesus is giving us the answer but since it's not the answer we want to hear we think he is not answering us! Read my testimony I was a big offender of not wanting to hear becuz that was not the answer I wanted and it almost cost me my life! God bless you just say nothing and just listen to what Jesus is really telling you!

Ibis Y. Colon | on Oct 09, 2011

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