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Part 10
And like I say God dose not like ugly and what you do to others come back to you 1000 fold! His family still calls me from time to time when I spoke to his mom last year she told me that he is living in his truck cause that women took his house sued him for alimony, child support and all she could get from him cause she caught him with another woman, you see full circle that's why I alway say put it in Gods hands! A couple of months ago I was called by his family to let me know he is terminally sick with pancreatic and liver cancer! I've been praying for him because I don't want him to die! I want him to live a blessed live, like I do and I will alway love him! Pray for him with me his name is Ernesto Lopez!
I hope that my story can bless others and they can see even if everthing looks dark and you feel like u goin to die, your not the light will shine on you! God bless you!

by Ibis Y. Colon

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Thanks for a ray of hope I'm goin throu also with my husband. Keep me in your prayers God bless u

Gods Anointed | on Oct 08, 2011

Oh my God what a testimony!!!! Thank you for sharing....I'm so glad you decided to share this. God Bless you.

Mrs. Bless | on Oct 08, 2011

If I have one person has found hope in my testimony I did my job! I feel so blessed becuz of all I been thru in my life I have learned not to ask why me I be learn to say thank you for walkin with me Jesus Ive learned that what happens to us no matter how bad it's things are goin at the moment it's for a blessing and what I m most greatfull for learning never ever question Jesus on my path if something's goin wrong it's becuz I m not hearing what he's trying to tell me! I m so blessed and thankful that my experience made me hurry to pay it forward and bless others show them hope and I feel so much wiser for now I see so much clear! Like I try to tell others we are our own worst enemies cuz we get into things and then blame God he was probly tell me o m helping you by keeping him away he wasnt for you ur real prince is coming n u r not goin see him cuz u keep looking back! N boy what a prince he sent me once I let go! I am so thankful for my Robert Colon! God bless you!

Ibis Y. Colon | on Oct 08, 2011

Thank you so much for that testimony. Very touching.

Eric | on Oct 08, 2011

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