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Part9When the knife was about to come into my chest the door was broken n just remember seeing blue all around me I was like in a daze I here someone say mam or u ok wats your name it was the police! O just when I droped the phone it didn't shut of n they heard the screams not from my from him n trace the call, they arrested him n took me to the hospital I kept crying I don't want to press charges I just want to go home! I signed myself home in the morning with a broken wrist, broken ribs, stitches on all the 8 stab wounds and I know God was there with me I remember the voice cuz know of the stab wounds penetrated thru the just cut me! That was the first time I heard the beautiful voice of my loving God! Well I got my car started my drive back to Nj with the cloths on my back n 14 dollars in my pocket I drove 17 hours till I got home to Nj that was 6/1/1990 the day I let go of my stubborn thoughts that if I wasn't with him I would die! It wasn't easy but this time I was determine to make it and I knew I wasnt alone Jesus was with me! Well I can tell you know I made it n my life got better each day n I met my husband 2 years later! I prayed for him with all my heart and when I met Robert I would look at him like if I had met him before but didn't know from where! I can tell you this he is beautiful not only on the outside on the onside he has this big heart, he loves me respects me and most of all I trusted him with my life I know he won't ever hurt me not intentionally! We have two daughters and now we have a grand baby Noel! That why always say to you that you might hurt at the moment but your happiness will be a 1000 fold! As for my for my ex-husband I forgave him from the bottom of my heart and that released me!

by Ibis Y. Colon

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