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When we got into Maryland I told him I m going to NC with you to pick up my car n I m leaving I don't want to be with u, u r not better than me for me to be kissing Ur butt! My friends I felt strong n like I was not alone, he stopped to gas up n go to the bathroom, he asked me do need to go but something told me don't get off this truck he will leave out here in da middle of no where! So I said no he got out of the truck his bag was next to me that voice said to me open the bag n look inside of it o grab something n wen I pulled it out it was a pack of condoms n he didn't use them with me n the voice says to keep looking n I pulled out a letter the letter said baby I miss you can wait till you get here counting the minutes the keys r under the front seat sea in a couple of minutes my love! I knew exactly what that meant but I felt stronger than ever i knew I wasn't alone he got back in the truck I didn't say a word he dropped my of at the house in NC and went to park the truck I walked in was goin to pack my stuff while I waited for him to bring back the car but I grabbed the letter n read it again but by then I was mad n look at the house thinking I m not goin to leave my beautiful house for them to enjoy n just started breaking furniture, mirror, anything in my way got distroyed the house looked like a tornado had touched down but in a moment things were about to get worse! He walked in just looked didn't say a word n started to lock the doors n take out the key so that none of the doors could be opened from inside! He had never laid a hand on me n I wasn't scared of him or anyone ever I grew up tuff n a fighter, so what happen next took me completely off guard he stood in front of me with his hands to his back and got close to me n says you are leaving tonight alright but in a body bag n touched my neck I felt something hot running down my neck when I touched it felt wet I look at my hands r red it was blood all of a sudden he starts to swing n I see what he is swing at me at big knife he started stabbing me I was getting ready to fight back cuz I wasn't going down without striking back" when I hear the most powerful voice I had ever heard but at the same time it was soothing" it said this is not the time for you to get tuff if you do he will kill you, I will get u out trust me, as he is stabbing me I am calm I see the phone n grab I dial 911 before I can say a word he kicks it out of my hand breaking my wrist with it i felt my knees getting weak light I was gona fall" the says to me stand up I got u don't give up trusted me" n I stand straight on my feet and block the knife I remember the look in his eye it was pour hate his face was different all I can see was he wanted to kill me!

by Ibis Y. Colon

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