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I had no where to live, no job! And I told him now we are going to have to try to save our marriage cuz I loved him n wasnt going to leave him or I would kill myself! He would not have cared if I killed myself that would made things easier for him, but I was only thinking how much I love him and that God had brought him back to me and we would be happy I just had to give him time! But things just got worse he would insult me, he didn't care if I ate, if I had food he would look at me with hate but I would say to myself look at the love on his eyes, when things really got worse was one day the phone bill came n he wasn't there something tells me open it look at it cuz he would hide the bills I had not seen when I look at the bill there most have over 100 calls to a number in Nj a town I has never heard of I decide not to say a thing cuz it was a long weekend memorial day n I wanted him to take me to Nj so I put the bill in my bag waited till he drove at least 2 states away n took out the bill n ask who u been talking to so much n for hours at a time he said it wasn't him it was his friend Jimmy tryin to get back with his girlfriend! I wanted to believe him and didn't want to fight cuz I was scared he would leave in NJ so he droped me at my family n left to his family, the weekend pasted I was worried that he wud not pick me up, but on Monday he came! What I remember like it was yesterday was how he looked all clean shaven not like he was working something started changing inside of me as we drove I would not even look at him at one point of the trip he looked at me with this smirk n that was all it took i felt like he was laughing at me and I thanked God at that very moment cuz I felt like I had been walking around with blinders on and God had just released them! I said to myself who dose he think he is laughing at me and me walking on eggshells he is not better than me

by Ibis Y. Colon

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