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Dear God,
I come to you to pray for my best friends family because her cousin was killed because he was sneaking out to see his gf and his moms car started rolling and he tried to stop it and he got squished between a tree and the car and then her other cousin accidently shot himself he was kidding around with his friends and thought the gun was unloaded and he shot himself in the head and he just got out of the service from Iraq and I feel so bad for them ad I promised I would pray for them so please answer this prayer and people who read this please pray also God bless! P. S. I'm sorry I sent thus so many times it's just they mean alot to me and they were crying there eyes out when they told me about it! So please pray!

by ~ B Girl ~

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I promise to keep your friends in my thoughts and prayers today.
I think you are a very special friend to them.

† 4 Life | on Oct 06, 2011

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