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Dear God....please help to restore my marriage to richard, he hasnt been home in 3 nights. I cant sleep right, eat right, or even carry out my daily tasks. I havent been to my job in two days. Im utterly heartbroken by this man u appointed as my husband once more. Father , he says he knows you. His name is Richard clifford. We were married on feb. 21, 2006 and baptized together april 20, 2009. He divorced me august 17,2011. Then moved back home one week later. Hes always confusing me with his contradictions. Father, i believe satan is tricking him with lies. Please father guide my husband to make the right choice in life. For him to be kind, loving, forgiving, accepting, and to do your will lord. You are all i have father....i am home alone. We have not been blessed yet with any children together and this hurt richard very deeply. Me as well. My heart is breaking. Im so sad. I want nothing more than to have a happy marriage&life with the one i love. Father touch richards head&heart, guide him back home, may his steps be accurate&swift, this house is no home without him. All joy in me has died. I am so utterly alone. All i have inside these walls is myself and my prayers to you, my father. Guide me lord, direct my path, make a way father as you always do.....i sit hear and wait on you. Im asking you for another miracle. Save my marriage. In jesus name,amen..... holly clifford.....<3... p.s. I love him with all my heart till death do us part still.....those vows i meant....your will be done......what god has joined together, let no man seperate. Thank you for praying for our marriage. Richard&Holly Clifford

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Hi, you commented on my prayer and I added you to my following list. I read and prayed your prayer with you. But I'm asking you to take off your full names and special dates. One thing I've learn is you don't want to degrade your husbands character to anyone even if he is in the wrong. I also want to tell you God can and will restore your marriage. Stay strong. Be very prayerful. God use things like this to get our attention. God wants to change you into the woman and wife you are suppose to be then he'll begin working on your husband. And when things start to happen, they will happen suddenly. But even after your marriage is restored you still have to continue to build your relationship with God and still work on your marriage daily, even every hour. I'm praying for you. A good website to read daily is God bless you

Eagerly Learning | on Oct 05, 2011

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