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why are christians always attacking catholic prayers on here?????? Catholic church was the church that peter.founded because jesus told him to do so. Why can't we all get along?? I pray for everyone here and for all your prayers but have seen some be chased away because of rude comments. For your info god called me to the catholic church and an adult an over the last few months my faith has increased 100 fold from where I was I've forgiven enemies prayed for so many people helped a woman in need and turned her towards god tried to console people even have holy spirit filled me with precense let's just remember it doesn't matter if outside your church says catholic lutheran baptist church of christ methodist etc we are all here for god and jesus who died for all of us not just some. Thank you....and thank you father for calling me to you and your son. Thank you jesus for forgiving my sins thru ur cross and thank you holy spirit for guiding me...

by Anonymous

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GOD HEARS ALL OF OUR PRAYERS! I am a Baptist, however I know that the 9 day Immaculate Conception Prayer & Litany of the Blessed Virgin helped me conceive after 5 years of trying. These are Catholic prayers & I know that God heard them. My pregnancy ended at 9 weeks but I have begun these prayers & fasting just as I did before & I know he will answer me again!

hannah | on Oct 04, 2011

You r right he does hear us all we are all his children. I hope you concieve I will pray for you. God bless you and your baby have faith you will have one and I pray your lil miracle of joy will always be safe and in gods protection.

Anonymous | on Oct 04, 2011

Well no one should attack no one, but you are wrong about one thing, Jesus didn't tell Peter to bulid the catholic church!!!! He said upon this rock I will build my church, the catholic church isnt the church peter start with the other 11, it was the pentecostal church, read the word! Acts 2:38 King James Verse Bible, I thank God that I know who Hod is and what his name is, Jesus is the only way, we must pray only to him and him allow, go to him for forgiveness and ask him for help to over come! I pray for you, my family is catholic and I came out of it cause it's built on lies, no truth to it, in 1099 the year the Roman Catholic Church killed 25,000 Christian Jews cause they refused to follow the pope, the Jews they killed was Holy Ghost filled and Jesus name baptized, Hitler made a very famous statement "I will finish what the catholic church couldn't" please ask God to reveal his self to you. Know God for yourself and get you kid or kids away from that false church. They stand for one world church, they believe we can pray and worship with other people that don't even believe in God Jesus

Apostolic | on Oct 04, 2011

Let me ask you have YOU ever heard the voice of God?
Have you ever felt his spirit yourself?
Acts 2:38
1 John 5:7
Acts 10;19
Please read Mark 16:16 after reading Acts 2:38

Apostolic | on Oct 04, 2011

Oh one more thing don't pay you tithes and see if that church will keep you around, now in saying that I believe in given a 10 th but what happens if you lose your job they still want their money, that's a fact

Apostolic | on Oct 04, 2011

I am poor they have never ask me of any money and yes I have heard god and jesus called me to be catholic I will not be chasrd away by you I will not allow you to put me down or change my faith. As I said don't like my prayers don't prY em.... I've felt gods spirit and even had him speak directly to me you are wrong to keep putting people down jew gentile samaritan protestant but oh not the catholic lol god loves us all you are supposed to as well.

Anonymous | on Oct 04, 2011

Jesus you know my heart and faith you know how faithful and how much faith I have gained last few months. You know I have spent entire days praying reading your word praying and praying. Please jesus do not let someone attack me because you called me to be catholic. I know I will be persecuted in your name. The crusades was a horrible thing but I did not do that. Please fill these people with your love show them I'm not bad. All I'm doing is here to help and pray. And grow close to you. Satans work is at hand here trying to push me away from you again. This is a fellow christians you taught love and forgiveness I am going to choose to look the other way forgive and continue to grow and pray here. I am not going to be pushed away when this is making me grow aren't they doing same if catholics killed or pushed away jew with holy spirit and I am dping what you are asking of me there attacks on me would be same. Lord I don't want to fight I want to pray. I'm being accused of things that aren't true. Really....why because satan wants me to turn away from where you have called me. I rebuke you in the name of jesus. Lord I'm sure this person is a good person but doesn't know the damage he or she could be doing if this was a month or 2. Ago I was week it may have completely turned me away from you forever....please jesus make it stop. In the name of the father son and holy spirit....amen

Anonymous | on Oct 05, 2011

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