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I am so hurt and heart broken :( i loved her so much and now she's gone. We got along so perfect and we just loved each other so much. She asked me a question this week. She asked me if i ever saw myself in ministry....i said no i didn't. Little did i know she was told at church by a guest speaker when she was younger that she would marry into that and she truly believes it. I couldn't date someone anymore that truly believed that and she agreed and said she would feel the same way. I can't blame her for believing that though. We are both hurting over this. Something so great ended over something so strange. I've been in bed for 6 days straight and very depressed and hurt like i can't believe. I feel like I'm dying. I really really enjoyed her. She was the only happiness i had. I still dream of being with her someday :( if anyone has any comments to help me i would really love that.

by Eric

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Eric how do u know that's not you! What makes her think that's not you! Eric this life has many turns and you never know where you will end at! Remember you'd are not married yet! Maybe the ministry is your future and you just don't know it! I tell you this because I m 40 and my life took so many turns but at one point in my life early adulthood, I would never think Id be ministering and let me tell you my life took such a 180 when I finally decided to give Jesus my heart, soul and life that this is what I m so passioned about my life change for the best! And there is so many parts to ministering, what I m doin right now is part of it. You have music, helping the youth so many branches you never know don't close yourself or let her close herself! Because you never know where God is goin to put you! Maybe she is the inspiration and God used her to show you the path! But you just never know, know you can have a long engagement and by the time you get married you are in the ministry! You never now how God is goin to call you and for what! Do u get what I m saying it all the way you look at it God blessed me with clarity and I can write what he is telling me to write,! You can see the cup half full or half empty witch way would you prefer to see it! You can think positively or negative witch will bring u happiness they told her she be married to a person in the ministry they didn't tell her who! So just talk to her and plant this idea to her if you love her the rest put it in Gods hands! And pray! God bless you!

Ibis Y. Colon | on Oct 04, 2011

Eric God has a way of taking what seems to be a big mistake and making a great miracle out of it. As for us, we are inclined to get disappointments and appointments mixed up. Walk away from your problem and let God work on the answer. When you see what He comes up with, you will be glad you didn't try to work it out.

Ibis Y. Colon | on Oct 04, 2011

Thanks so much. I will try to do my best to let God handle this. I told her i honestly have no idea Gods intensions for me in life. I wouldn't feel right or comfortable pushing the idea on her so i should just lay back and let God work out the rest. He is the miracle worker and not I. God bless those who have commented and prayed for me.

Eric | on Oct 04, 2011

Eric just keep that in mind and show her this becuz wen I write I m under a trans n they are Jesus words that I m writing! So pick yourself up dry your tears n go and talk to her, if you want her! God bless you and your future wife!

Ibis Y. Colon | on Oct 04, 2011

Thank you Ibis. Something inside me is telling me to give it a little time since its all so fresh and emotional right now. She is trying to do her best to get over this as well. I've spoken with her some about God and she's happy that this is bringing me closer to God and says everything will turn around for the better and that she will always love me.

Eric | on Oct 04, 2011

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