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St jude you have never turned any one away that has implored you seeking your help andthat you might intercede on my behalf and ask god for my miracle please pray and help me st jude to reconcile and restore my family in jesus name I ask this that you intercede and help with my prayers to the lord thankyou.

by Anonymous

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Who is st.jude jesus only can help and not the st.

Lars12 | on Oct 04, 2011

Thanks for your opiniongod bless you. Asking him to pray for me same as I ask you and u ask others why you ask us if r prayers mean nothing. Again god bless you

Anonymous | on Oct 04, 2011

Because the bible says there is only one mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ His Son. He is our High Priest, the only one who can go to the Father for us. No other person can plea for us. St. Jude did not make atonement for our sins, Jesus did. Only Christ can intercede for us! Where in the bible do you find that saints can intercede? This is the teaching of man not the bible. God's holy word! This is not my opinion, but God's. Not even Mary can go in your behalf!

Hector | on Oct 04, 2011

Then why are you wanting orhers here to pray for you same thing have a nice day in christ love and peace. I'm not into arguing with you because you don't understand I just pray for everyone that's all god knows each and everyone of us...and knows our hearts and calls us all differently. If you don't like my prayer don't read it don't pray for it. Simple but me I wil still pray for you. I am not mad I just don't like constantly being offended what if u scare someone away from god totally because you disagree with their faith.

Anonymous | on Oct 04, 2011

Biblical faith is the only faith, not the religion of man. I was a catholic at one time but stared to study the bible. And found the Jesus of the bible. You must be born again in order to understand the bible. The Holy Spirit is the author of our faith. I'm not condeming but people say they believe the bible yet they do not believe the very words it says. The pharisee's were religious people but could not understand the very words Jesus was saying. The Catholic Church is simarlar. Mo need of priest, because Christ is our High priest. No man can come to the Father but by Jesus. Everything I said is biblical. Read John's gospel there you will find the true Jesus of the bible.

Hector | on Oct 04, 2011

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