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Please pray for quick intervention from the Lord with my friendship with my ex. Please pray that whatever is causing him to not respond stops and that I hear from him soon.

by anonymous

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Maybe he just dose not want to talk at this time just step back and leave it in the hands of God don't call him let him call you! I m sure that when he is ready to talk to you he'll call you! Just pray that you meet someone that wants to talk to you and you won't even worry about why he is not calling you! God bless you

Ibis Y. Colon | on Oct 04, 2011

Or pray that what god joined together let Noone put assunder I agree step back a moment but meeting someone else may not be the answer god wants our families whole and says divorce is wrong some o of us have two strong of feelings to just move on and turn them off like a light switch however backing off may make him wonder some. But keep praying for this if u know god wants u to hold on hold on. I'm in a similiar situation stay strong have faith. Jesus please soften their hearts to us please let him communicate soon also please help us be patient in ur name jesus amen

Anonymous | on Oct 04, 2011

Anymous she didnt say she was married! And god has a way of helping us find our true love! If she is to be with the ex God will bring him into her either way Jesus will be the one to intervene! That how I met the love of my life when my ex left! God bless you

Ibis Y. Colon | on Oct 04, 2011

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