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If god is only going to take 144000 people of each of the 12 tribes to heaven....what happens to rest?? Is that it for all souls of all times if so just curious how anyone expects to be good enough because how many souls has been alive since beginning of time?? Trust me I'm no angel I believe I want to go to heaven but this has always bothered me anyone have the answer and please don't be judgemental I merely am seeking an answer

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Having that father & daughter or son relationship with god by taking to him, praying for them because praying is poweful people will start comin & sometimes when you tell people about gods love you planted that seed in the root of their heart :) the word grows in your souk because your feeding it like how we feed our physical hunger :) I always wonder about death to but I rather just put everything in gods hands for who I pray for :) God looks at our heart .

Anonymous | on Oct 01, 2011

Sorry for spell check lol"

Anonymous | on Oct 01, 2011

I am so glad I saw this prayer!

You see friend, God the 144000 is not the only amount getting into heaven. They are rather a choosen few that will serve for a special purpose in the end times. In Revalelations where they are spoken about, a few verses later John says that he sees an even greater multitude--one too great to even count!

Please, google ""
On their site, use the search box and type in '144,000'.

God bless you

Psalm91:11 | on Oct 01, 2011

And remember, by grace we are saved through faith...
It is a gift from God, and not of works.

Don't assume that being a good person will get you into heaven, because it wont. See ephesians 2:8-9

God doesn't want us to fight over salvation, and he doesn't want us to think that we can earn it either. we are just too sinful to ever be a part of His perfection.

By allowing Jesus to die for us, He has allowed mankind to simply have faith in Him in order to find God. By finding God and repenting, we can all one day reach heaven because of His grace.

Study the bible in prayer, friend. Read all of its teachings, steadily, unbiasedly, and knowing that God's ultimate plan will always be accomplished.

Romans 8:28
Romans 10:9
1 John 2:5-6

Psalm91:11 | on Oct 01, 2011

Thank you for sharing these.

abie | on Oct 01, 2011

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