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Ok jesus I'm trying to stay positive. Tiny baby step improvements I know....but lord I have been the one who has initiated conversation could you please keep pushing and send holy spirit to have him make some effort soon this is a miracle so far but so much more has to be done don't stop pushing lord.....and I know someone will coment and say free choice but you said ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THRU YOU! I am not giving up my faith you can work miracles if you can bring dead to life stop a storm on the sea and and heal the sick you can do this that is if you will. Lord you know all my wrongs faults and sins and I don't deserve anything....but you also know my heart please lord jesus I ask the father you and the holy spirit to grant me this I know it will take time I know its a work in progress I am thankful for last few conversations no matter if they meant much still a blessing. Thank you thank you thank you. Push push push take away any obstacles that stand in the way open the doors to comunication hope friendship and finally reconciliation along forgiveness. You joined it the devil ended it but you can fix it. In jesus name and by his sacred heart body and blood of christ father son and holy ghost.....amen

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