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Father God..I humbly approach your bench this morning...seeking your presence in my my life! I am still holding on Lord. I am doing what I have always been taught to do..that is to reach out to you and lay all my burdens down before you. You know Lord what troubles my heart and why it is so heavy.. you know my worries with my situation with the IRS. Father I place all of it in your hands I know you will intercede on my behalf. Lord I am trying to be strong....but I am hurting, I'm lost..I'm lonely and I am confused. But through all of that I have faith. Prayers warriors please pray with me today..Lord as we touch and agree for all of our needs. I walk away knowing and believing that you hear my prayers and are working on my heart and situation. I thank you in advance for your blessing me.

by Mrs. Bless

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God will NEVER forsake you. I will pray for you, that God help you. Do not worry about man as much as your walk with God. Trust in Him. Seek Him. He will prevail long after man is gone. God also is rhe Almighty. He can do ANYTHING. BELIEVE IT.
Stay in faith Christian.
The world does not have a place in the Kingdom of Heaven. God can spare you ir let tou condemn your SELF. Satan has had thousands of years of practicing his lies- he ia the father of all lies as God Himself has said. Continue your faith and Trust the Lord to

Michael. | on Sep 29, 2011

Mrs. Bless. I like your name. I am certain God does too. You just leave the big worries up to Him. Tou can and will handle the rest!
In Jesus name, it will be so! Amen.

Michael. | on Sep 29, 2011

"You, CAN handle the rest!

Michael. | on Sep 29, 2011

Michael you are my ANGEL....I was feeling weak, depressed and to some degree defeated...but your kind words of encouragement uplifted me and rejuvenated my broken spirit...Oh God bless you for being a blessing to me. As I struggle to hold on...with tears streaming down my face and my hand clenching my heart I thank you....I thank for caring enough to reach out to me. I need this in my life!!

Mrs. Bless | on Sep 29, 2011

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