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Father God,
You have taught me how to be strong. Love gotten me through a broken heart many times. I've loved or cared about a person in my life and I thought I would never get over the pain that I was feeling. I was in such pain. I use to pray that you would fix that person or wish them back into my life not knowing you had other plans. I was not grateful or thinking clearly in that moment. I had no idea what was going to happen I just want the person back. But they changed so much and I couldn't get it or understand why. I question it over and over. But you made it clear to me that I was not living right I was living for them and trying to get their approval. I made them my God but you pulled them out of my life for a reason and even though it hurt more then I thought I can handle I got through the storm. My worth is worth your love. I forgive them even though I didn't understand and may not understand now. The pain has gotten lighter day by day and it may seem hard but its been a journey and I'm grateful Father to you for putting me through this cause now I have the strenght,wisdom,and knowledge to understand that I am worth it. May all who are going through a heart break God knows it hurts and I know what you are going through and it seems like the pain is unbearable. And you go back questioning why or how this could happen. All you want is for things to go back to what you thought was normal at the time. But Gods plan for me and you is to know that Love does not gift. You shouldn't have to beg anybody to be with you or try to make them care about you. Gods love is bigger then anybody's and nothing compares to that. I'm not going to tell you that its going to be easy or to get over it. But I am going to tell you to pray for that person and to pray that God gives you s heart of forgiveness no matter what that person did to hurt you, you gotta forgive and that's not going to happen over night either. Your heart is full of deceitful things and may mislead you in choices you think that are right but are wrong. God is the only way you gotta trust him and only him God will never mislead you ever! Love your sister in Christ...

by Anonymous

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I believe God is using you to speak to me. I'm in tears.

Anonymous | on Sep 27, 2011

Hi. I read a couple of prayer breaks today. It reminded me of how and what I went through. I had to thank my Father for getting me through and to let ppl know that I've been there the place of hurt and what you think and feel like is a nightmare. I pray that God uses me cause it would be a honor. And those tears I know them a lot. You are and will get through this! You are going through this because you believe in love but you know what you are loved you are loved by a man a man who created love who is love. I know you are hurting and don't understand how this could happen. But you gotta pray through this and every thing else. You gotta say God you know I'm hurting and it hurts so bad that I need you to hold me up cause the weight right now is to heavy. I need you to wake me up cause I'm weak I need you to give me the strength I need physically,mentally, and emotionally because I know I'm going to want to call,hug,kiss,love,what I use to have. Please bless me with the knowledge and wisdom I need to get through this. And he will in his time. It's all in Gods hands. It's like you really want this car you think its going to make you feel good but when the bill comes its not. Your worth soooooo much love not pain not questioning yourself or the ,situatiorn. Please know that God is going to get you through. Don't tell everybody what's going cause there going to tell you all different and its going to confuse you. God is who you could talk to. I will be praying for you. That's the truth not oh ill pray for you and I don't.

Anonymous | on Sep 27, 2011

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