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Lord, for the last couple of days now ive been feeling a tightness and some discomfort in my chest, the left side of my chest and it scares me. I work a great full time job but i just cant afford the insurance, therefor i have not gotten this checked out, Lord i love life amy children too much for this to be a serious illness, Please Lord, Please! Take away any illness and pain that i have, jst remove it from my body and start fresh. Please do not let this be a sickness ot illness that is life threatening, please do not let this be related to my heart. I am under alotta stress.... hope thats all it is. I cant sleep just wondering. I ask this in Jesus mighty name.... AMEN AMEN AND AMEN!!!!

by BubTatJak

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All is well with God. All is well!

Marly | on Jan 09, 2010

You're in my prayers! You'll make it through this!

awake_until_dawn64 | on Jan 09, 2010

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed

Anonymous | on Jan 09, 2010

God is love. Love yourself, check yourself.

Kasandra | on Jan 09, 2010

I think u should go. God's will take carevof the bills

luvofGod | on Jan 09, 2010

Sometimes a tightness feeling on your chest means you're stressing too much. Its happened to me in the past. You just need to relax. K? God will look after you :)

Anonymous | on Jan 09, 2010

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